Xmas is Here

Christmas spirit prevails in this time of the year. People tend to become more sensitive, and reflect on the year that is about to end. A balancing of all that has happened during the year, professionally and emotionally, gains and losses, mistakes and learning! There are so many feelings that Culture & Trend decided to celebrate friendship in this holiday season. We made an editorial with a friend, Vittoria Ottaviano, both in the holiday spirit by wearing Desigual. Each shows your personality and beauty in a different way, but always complementary. Actually, everything is more beautiful when you have friends around to celebrate and share emotions. IT- Lo spirito del Natale prevale in questo periodo dell’anno. Le persone tendono a diventare più sensibili, e riflettere sull’anno che sta per finire. Fare un bilancio di tutto ciò che è successo durante l’anno, professionalmente ed emotivamente, guadagni e perdite, errori e apprendimenti!…