guilherme mira


Brazil for a while

Logbook – Juliane Borges I went to Brazil, my country of origin, for 3 weeks. In addition to work things out for work, I had the pleasure to meet the photographer and film maker Guilherme Mira. We did a shooting and a video – which we will post here soon … but in the meanwhile you can also check this link: Vimeo There are professionals who make it all much easier, more natural and fun, this is the case of Gui. I would say that this was the essence that we tried together to represent through the photos. Below you can check some of these shootings, we chose an outdoor location , which made tue result even better: IT- Diario di bordo – Juliane Borges Sono andata in Brasile, il mio paese di origine, per 3 settimane. Oltre a risolvere le cose per il lavoro, ho avuto il piacere di…