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Blending Mosaics in Marrakech

As you may have read in the previous article, the hotel La Mamounia is a magical place, the atmosphere inside the high gates is something incredible, nature meets architecture in such a harmonious way. One of the things that most delights in Marrakech, are the mosaics, which are present in almost everywhere, from the walls to glasses, and I’m in love with the delicacy of each design, by mixing colors … And that day, totally unintentionally I picked up a blazer with the famous print of tile, which was a hit a few seasons ago, but was a bit forgotten and now returned by the Maiorca collection of the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. And that pattern, which I love, blended so well with the mosaic of the areas of La Mamounia, a very cool mix I decided to shoot for you:IT- Come avrete letto nell’articolo precedente , l’hotel La…

Details make all the difference

EN- Details make all the difference, this sentence sounds very cliché, but it’s true. Today, the details of which I refer are: a shoe, an accessory, a different cut on a piece of clothing and many other things. I expected to the winter pass, and spring came to finally wear this blouse. I had never experienced this model, because we often do not imagine ourselves wearing certain types of clothing. With me at least it works well, at first sight, without even wearing a particular piece, I do not like … But then when I wear it, I often find styles that suit me, and so I go, adapting myself to pieces and styles that are good for my body type. I learned that we have to balance many things, to avoid exaggerations. And it works! I really liked this blouse with this model that seems to be all “stuck”,…