Helena Rubinstein


Powercell Skinmunity by Helena Rubinstein

I do not hide that I love the aesthetic treatments, especially the light ones that help to highlight the natural beauty of our skin. A few weeks ago I was invited by Helena Rubinstein to handle the Powercell Skinmunity treatment, which helps to invigorate the skin. First, to remove all the toxins from the skin, especially those released by the make-up , the first product All Mascaras have been used. Following, has been applied a Serum to stimulate facial skin with the hands, quickly pressing some areas of the face with a kind of “Press & Go” movement. After using these products, a Booster was applied to the area of ​​the neck and face, and after applying a cream on the face that was covered with the hands in the vertical direction, then extended the cream over the whole face and the neck (Fundamental was the movement of the hands,…