Blue Statement

The blue became my passion lately, I’d say I’m almost addicted to this color, and the several combinations that can be created wearing or using the accessories on this nuance. And for one of the #MFW days, I wore an outfit in this color palette. The statement piece Blue, was the Itakli fur coat. Besides this, also in blue mood, a pair of shoes chosen was the Oxford Platform model by Castañer – which is one of the hottest trend this season. -. But it is not only of blue that the outfit is built. To play with the color schemes – AKA Color Blocking – another accessory has had a fundamental and essential participation: the orange ButiBags bag. And the final result you can see below:   IT- Il blue è diventato la mia passione ultimamente, sono quasi dipendente da questo colore, e dalle combinazioni che si possono creare…

Milan Fashion Week – Out & About

After New York and London, it’s up to Milan, the fashion capital, showing its trends for next winter 2016-17. For the first day, (25), the outfit chosen for the first commitments was a bit fancy. The production started with a main piece: the Itakli fur, which combines two colors, black and pastel pink. Having a basic idea, and already having also a protagonist, to complete the rest of the look becomes easier. Since the fur draws the attention to itself, the best choice was to opt for a more sober garments to end the production without loading it too much, but leaving it modern as well, playing with accessories such as the Manurina bag that fits perfectly along with the fur color palette.IT- Dopo New York e Londra, tocca a Milano, capitale della moda, mostrare le sue tendenze per il prossimo inverno 2016-17. Per il primo giorno, (25), l’outfit scelto…