Jackie Stewart


Heineken x F1®

In the first week of September, Monza hosted the Grand Prix Formula 1, an elite sport, in which the action and intensity run side by side during the event. To celebrate the Grand Prix, Heineken has officially announced its partnership with Formula 1, and the news was accompanied by two advertising campaigns: “When you drive, never drink” and “More Than a Race”. For each spot, a main character, both characters have a great recognition in the F1 world. For the first spot, Heineken, a pioneer in the promotion of responsible alcohol consumption, leading Jackie Stewart, saying: “When you drive, never drink”, which reinforces the message that when you have to drive, the only option is to absolutely not drinking alcohol! The second campaign, brings starring David Coulthard, ex Formula 1 driver. The ad is based on the concept of showing that F1 is not only a contest of two hours,…