Jane Stone


Black & White a Timeless Combination

The black and white has become a timeless combination, and ranges from basic to the most elaborate … you just need to join the parts and choose the style you want. My sister and I, we always help each other to pick outfits, and this time she has done practically everything, I have only chosen an accessory. And from there, she chose the rest. She knows me so well that she chose the right look! The white shirt is a classic piece in every woman’s wardrobe, just that lately is gaining new models, like the one I’m wearing, which is shorter than normal and wider … The shorts, even being eco-leather, are super fresh, and you can easily wear on hot days.ย  As I always say, are the accessories that make the difference, and enrich an outfit.Speaking of accessories, the necklace alone seems to be super “heavy” for a look…