JF London


Contemporary Avantgarde

The graphic prints have entered the fashion world  to stay. What once was considered a basic and banal garment, it has now changed through art that the pieces carrying. A brand that expresses exactly this concept, both on prints as modeling, is Les Bohemiens. The pieces carry with them an essence of contemporary avant-garde, with different prints and statement cuts. Today the proposed production is made up of a set of two pieces of the brand, “Stone Grid”, as it is called print, conveys an air contemporary rather even futuristic. To make a mix and play a little with the outfit, the accessory chosen was the printed Comic Pop Art bag of Steve J. Key, on foot, a pair of JF London pumps  to finish in style.   IT- Le stampe grafiche sono entrate nel mondo della moda per restarci. Quello che una volta era considerato un capo basico e…