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Dior Launches New Accessories For The Children’s Line

The maison Dior beyond the adult (amazing) collections, makes also clothes for a children’s line – and are even more beautiful and cute -. But recently, Dior launched the new accessories for their kids line: bags and shoes now also has mini version for small misses Dior. The Candy Bag and the Fusion sneakers now are in small format too, with an urban princess mood. For moms on duty, dress her selves and dress her daughters alike with Dior line would not be a bad idea, right?   IT- La Dior oltre alle collezioni (incredible) per adulti che fa, realizza anche capi per la linea bambini – e sono ancora più belli-. Ma ora, Dior ha anche lanciato nuovi accessori per la loro linea infantile: borse e scarpe hanno ora anche in versione mini per le piccole Miss Dior. La Candy Bag e le sneakers Fusion vengono ora riprodotte in…