Goodbye Krizia

It was a sad weekend for the fashion world in general, in particular for Italian fashion. Mariuccia Mandelli, the founder of the brand Krizia, who was one of the first Italians ready-to-wear brands who built the identity of fashion in the country, died Sunday night (December 7) at 90 years. Mandelli presented the brand Krizia (name also created by herself) for the first time at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence in 1964, the entire collection in black and white took the award from Moda Critica, which was previously awarded only to the designer Emilio Pucci, and since then shebhas conquered the world of fashion. The designer will always be remembered for her creativity and her absolute futuristic vision on fashion.“It’s difficult to imagine Milan without Mariuccia Mandelli, who was among the great protagonists of the transformation of this city into capital of fashion,” said Giorgio Armani. “She was a woman…

The Scientific Fantasy of Marine Depths of Krizia

It’s been a couple of week since the end of the fashion month, but what are the trends and moods that each brand has presented for next summer? Today we speak of Krizia, that for the next spring / summer brought a scientific fantasy of marine depths, evoking textures, meshes and themes on the prints. And followed up on a trend that already we could see enough, Krizia presented a fluid collection, where marine elements such as scales, enrich the garments. The silhouettes alternate between structured and other more loose. The clothes also appear on overlays of various materials, woven folds and other technology, volume and even 3D effects. A collection designed for a modern woman, following the DNA of Krizia, where an unprecedented variety of shapes meets futuristic. IT- Sono già passate un paio di settimane dallla fine del mese della moda, ma quali sono le tendenze e mood…