La Grand Folie


La Grande Folie by Vogue Brasil

EN- On Thursday 5, there was the traditional Carnival Ball by Vogue Brazil, at the Unique hotel. The theme chosen for this year was La Grande Folie, noting that the costume includes black tie, so is not required to use fantasy, although the inspiration used to the Looks are from various carnival themes and vintage with magnificent rereadings.”La Grande Folie – a masquerade to templates the ones that were celebrated by Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI in Versailles, with cabaret touches.” The costumes worn at the Ball, we could see a hint similarity of lace, tulle and sparkles parts. Although, we have also seen, truly amazing costumes worthy of a Vogue Ball… So I highlighted the ones that caught my attention, by the models and also to escape the similarity which I told before, here we go: IT- Giovedi ‘5, ha avuto il tradizionale Ballo di Carnevale di Vogue Brasil.…