LBW Yacht Life Experience

When we received the invitation from LBW Travel, to spend a week aboard on the Yacht Life, we never could have imagined what was waiting for us. The itinerary were Greece and Turkey, we were supposed to start the trip in Bodrum , Turkey, but because of the political problems of the country, we decided to begin our adventure in Kos, Greece. We got in the yacht the second day, when almost everyone was already on board, at first I thought I was not going to socialize with all those people, because until then, they were all foreigners just like me, as well as being unknown. And I just thought to the fact that my sister (Juliane) would leave the boat in two days, since she had another trip in progress, then what would I do there alone? Wait for it! IT- Quando abbiamo ricevuto l’invito da LBW Travel, per…