Le Marche


Quintana di Ascoli Piceno

As we mentioned previously in our “Sighseeing Ascoli Piceno”, in addition to knowing and tourist-ing the city of Ascoli, we were lucky to visit the city during the famous Quintana di Ascoli Piceno or as it is also known “Giostra della Quintana “. The medieval event, takes place on the second Saturday of July and the first Sunday of August. Before entering the field (in which the competition between the six riders), more than 1,400 people parade along the main streets of the historic center of the medieval city, wearing traditional costumes representing the figures of the Middle Ages. After the parade through the city, all the figures of the “Corteo” reach the Squacia stadium, which hosts the “Giostra della Quintana”, where six knights, each representing their Sestiere, which are: Porta Romana, Piazzarola, Sant ‘Emidio, Porta Tufilla Porta, Porta Maggiore and Porta Solestร  (who won the competition with the rider…