Le Ricette Garnier


#ExpoExperience with Garnier

This week Culture & Trend has been invited to finally know the Milan Expo, which is a world’s fair that the city of Milan hosts. We were invited by Garnier Italy to discover some of the ingredients which are present in the products of the brand, and also to learn a bit deeper into the origin of each one and in which countries they are present. Our adventure began in Vietnam, where the stand is made entirely of bamboo, which is one of the ingredients contained in the Mousse Ravviva Ricci Fructis Style, for their strength, endurance and flexibility. But even in China, which was one of the pavilions that surprised us, bamboo is represented very strong throughout the structure. Then we went to visit Malta and Yemen. The “honey Sidr” is a type of honey produced in Yemen, and it is very famous for its taste and for its…