L e m o n a d e

Lemonade, such a simple word of English vocabulary, but has awakened the curiosity of all Beyonce fans when the singer posted on her social network a little sneak peek of this new project. Saturday night, 23, Queen B has finally revealed what would actually is Lemonade. Her Art Visual – Album takes the name of the homemade refreshment that her grandmother once used to make. But this is not something ordinary – actually when ever Bey does or has done something considered ordinary? – Lemonade is a short-film that is based on infidelity and forgiveness. The one-hour film, aired on HBO on Saturday, and it shows lyrics and stories of cheating, daddy issues, and side chicks. Limonade has been described as a project that tells the journey of self-knowledge and healing of every woman, which throughout the film are shown through the 12 tracks on the disc. The keywords that…