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Oysho Yoga

Often our routine ends up being very busy, full of appointments, meetings, hours and hours at the computer, phone calls … our body and mind just need a moment of relaxation, a time to recover and renew energies , a time when we forget the chaotic routine and we only focus on getting well and be at peace with ourselves. And this is where yoga comes in, more than a healthy practice, yoga can shape the mind and sharpen the spirit, stimulating balance, strength, good habits and good thoughts. This week, we of Culture & Trend, attended a yoga class with Oysho, brand of lingerie, sleepwear, gymwear, beachwear and accessories for us women. We were driven across the instructor Anna Inferrera, that in 40 minutes made us feeling relax and renew our external and internal forces. Check out now some pictures of this afternoon of balance and wellness. IT- Spesso…

Playlist to listen when you’re in bad mood

You know those days when you miss someone or something, or just something that does not work, or maybe you’re in love :D? There are so many things that turn a few days when we want to be away from the world, do not answer the phone … Indeed, it is a mood that we all have the right to live. I always listen to music on Spotify because it is so simple and there are thousands of song, bands … Everything to be discovered. Thinking about this article, every time I heard a song that would be suitable for a day where maybe I do not feel so good, I got the names for now to share with you, my favorite ones  Are you ready? Take the chocolate and press play! IT- Sapete quei giorni in cui vi manca qualcuno o qualcosa, o semplicemente qualcosa che non funziona, o…