Music & Culture Together at Torino Classical Music Festival

Music is a passion, almost universal, after all, we all have that song that marked a time of our lives. Culture is something essential, the more you grow, the more you absorb and you know about. And when the music and the culture meet? Well, we can say that is something very, very good. And since our work is to share with you the news, we could not stop talk about a super cool project. Tuesday, June 23, in Piazza San Carlo in Turin, opens the “Torino Classical Music Festival”. Turin (in addition to the extraordinary architecture) is a city with an offer unique musical range in Italy. And with TCMF, the city wants to take a trip through the main musical cultures of the world. Will be six days, entirely free to listen to classical music, opera and symphony. In addition to the appointments of Piazza San Carlo, the…