Linea Olivo


Bottega Verde – Linea Olivo

The Fall (or already even winter?), has arrived, bringing the low temperatures. The cold wind contributes even more to dry our skin, this time of year. So, It is for these factors that to take care of our skin is now extremely necessary. Culture & Trend is trying various products in order to also encourage it to you. Among them is the new Bottega Verde line, we often use the brand products and the effectiveness is approved. Olivo line was created based on three main features: Maximum naturalness, with over 95% of ingredients of natural origin, so as not to use any type of artificial substance, as well as being without formaldehyde, dyes, etc; Carries in its recipes the extra virgin olive oil from Palazzo Massaini a type of Tuscan olive oil, superior because its olives are harvested by hand; The packaging is environmentally friendly, with recyclable paper and plastic.…