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Make It Happen – A Brand New Maybelline

This year the famous makeup brand Maybelline, known worldwide, is celebrating its 100 years of many great achievements. To celebrate this date the brand has decided to renew its claim, which from now on will be “Make It Happen!”. Maybelline, has made a change in its communication strategy, with the mantra “No Maybes”, which allows the attitude of female beauty. The new era emphasizes self-confidence, a powerful new brand message. Maybelline, as everyone should know, is a brand of makeup that every woman has certainly tried at least one product or is addicted to some specific – their mascara is an absolute success among us women that we always try the trick that would give the right emphasis to our eyes. During the celebration of the first 100 years of the brand, Culture & Trend has had the great pleasure to receive and, of course, to try some of the…