The World of a Modern Princess

What wears a classic princess? This is pretty easy: stunning dresses, most are long ones, full skirts, often highlighting the waist and so on … Just turn to some pictures or remember the films that represent this figure so beloved and dreamed by girls. But we are in 2015, very close from 2016, and the figure of the classic princess has changed and has now had a review for the modern world we live in now. Actually, the princesses of real life do not walk in long dresses every day, often represent the true meaning of the word modern! And today, we have here an example that translates exactly these words … Ultrachic Milano works on its creations the figure of a modern princess, who loves prints, tulle, colors and new modelings, check out:IT- Che cosa indossa una classica principessa? Questo รจ facile, abiti mozzafiato, la maggior parte sono lunghi,…

Structured Garments

In summer, usually clothes in fluids fabrics earn our closet, dresses, blouses, skirts … All very fresh to face the season of the sun. But when autumn arrives with its cloudy days, sometimes raining, it’s time to replace the fluids with other “heavier” able to support us on the coldest days! Structured garments will be my request for this European autumn/winter! In addition to leaving a production with elegant appearance and tidy, this type of modeling in many cases draw the body. This suit is a classic example of what I mean … It seems to have been tailor-made, shoulder pads on, and the highlighted waist, enrich the visual! My color palette of this last period is all about dark tones, as in the warmer seasons often I go for lighter ones! But what about you? What will be or already are the must-have garments and accessories for autumn /…