Shake and Shot DR. JART

What’s new in the beauté world? Today we bring you the new facial masks of Dr. Jart +. For those who do not know, the brand was born in Seoul in 2004 by a great dermatologist Dr. SungJae Jung with the support of his friend Chin Wook Lee, a young entrepreneur who was impressed by the spirit and experience of Dr. Sungjae Jung. And after 3 years of experiments, they created Dr. Jart +, now available in 15 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.” Their new masks are available in Shake & Shot format, where you blend, shake and apply! There are three types: moisturizing, soothing and toning. The product adapts perfectly to every skin type and consists of two distinct elements: a booster and a syringe applicator. The preparation is very simple, just pour the booster into the container and stir, activating the creamy formula…