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New Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks by Maybelline

We already know the “Wheel of Fortune”, but the “Wheel of Madness”? We bet that no one knows yet … or at least have no idea what it is! Well, let us try to explain to you, what are you crazy about? We can certainly mention that we are crazy for shoes, selfies and music! And you? This game was created by Maybelline, and we of Culture & Trend Magazine turned the “Wheel of Madness” to find out for what we are crazy …. But what would be the purpose of this fun game? Well, Maybelline always surprises us with the news from the world of beauty, this time it is the new collection of lipsticks Vivid Matte Liquid! There are 7 different colors with a semi-matte finish that does not dry out, leaving the softest lips. The high pigmentation makes it stand out even more the brightness of the…