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Mascara Maybelline Push Up Drama Indecent Black

After the 7 deadly sins, Maybelline decided to invent the eighth, indecency, launching the new mascara Push Up Drama Indecent Black. The mascara brings ultra blacks pigments that increase by far the intensity of the look . Thanks to the exclusive applicator with the “cup” shaped bristles which raise the eyelashes to 45 °, in simple and few steps you get a visible result! Have a magnetic look that catches the eye, completely changes a woman. When we look in the mirror and we see us beautiful and fascinating, it seems that the security and self-esteem grow quickly. But besides using the right products and which emphasize our beauty, you should use them sparingly to get the best result possible, aka have a seductive look! A helpful and important tip that Culture & Trend can give you to get the desired magnetic eyes is to apply mascara from root of…

Push Up Drama

What a woman should do to be noticed? Have a perfect hair, clothes, accessories? It can also be, but what catch the attention, is the look! And since the look is protagonist, we have to treat it and enhance it. Push Up Drama is the new mascara from Maybelline. – makeup brand that Culture & Trend likes so much, for how they enhances femininity and expresses the personality of each woman -. The new product has a unique applicator specially designed to give the lashes, a literally extraordinary volume, looking up and raising the lashes of 45 degrees. Often we women, we take a long time in front of the mirror trying many ways to perform a striking look, and voluminous lashes make the difference, but to be able to have this result is not necessary to be a professional makeup artist, because you just simply apply mascara from the…