Moritz Waldemeyer


Paul & Shark SS16

While we are mesmerizing by the Haute Couture collection in Paris. Today we are talking about a brand known around the world, Paul & Shark, during the fashion week of menswear in Milan, we were at the presentation of the brand, that took advantage of the fashion week to present a new collection of t-shirts designed exclusively by the designer Moritz Waldemeyer for Paul & Shark. The mood of the location was something very maritime, with an installation performed by Waldemeyer Moritz himself. Blue Typhoon, as has been called the collection, has as concept the work with lights made from Waldemeyer. As well as the installation, the prints of the collection resembles a water vortex that develops as a spiral, with bright colors and neon which contrasts with the basic monochrome shirt. The t-shirts will be available in 6 different colors: from blue, yellow green, red and so on. The…