My beauty night


Advanced Night Repair

Last weekend, at the invitation of Estée Lauder, Jessica of Culture & Trend has been in the city of Padua, Italy, for a fascinating weekend organized by Glamour Italy. Curious to know what she went to do there? Read her diary: My plan was to visit the spaces that Estée Lauder has created within each perfumery, always in theme with the new super serum Advanced Night Repair. To start my day in perfection, I went straight to the Douglas perfumery where the Beauty Expert Massimo Marangoni has made me a simply beautiful makeup, with a nice couturing, perfect skin and a red mouth to end it, the kind of makeup that I wish I could have everyday.  After the makeup, I asked a few tips for Massimo, taking advantage that he’s a beauty expert. A product that I need to have is the palette of couturing which he introduced me,…