The “fashion month” has made its beginning in New York. Already in the first day, there were several shows, including: Desigual. The collection was created by the ideal of a Global Traveller, and traveled through the new “Woman” that is independent and creative. The Globe Traveller knows what she wants and crosses seas to pursue she own goals, she’s strong and determined …. In addition, of course, she has a personal style. The expression revealed by Desigual aesthetic is the legacy of the trips that brings this “Woman” through landscapes, new lands, cultures, people and the mix with each other! The fabrics range from fluids to the more structured, such as jeans. The lengths alternate between maxi high-collar dresses ย – which represent the adventurous women of the XIX and XX centuries, and very short skirts and shorts. Prints are in 3D, which combine ethnic stripes with other botanical arts. Another…