Nivea Acqua Micellare Extra Delicata

When the end of the day comes, the only common desire of all of us, is to relax, avoiding any kind of effort, especially after a busy day. And one of the most boring parts is the time to remove makeup, because there are many complicated products that require many steps and rules, making this ritual almost unpleasant. To simplify this important time for our Skincare Routine, our dearest Nivea, realizing the need for us women for a fast and easy product to remove makeup, has developed the new Nivea Water Mix Extra Gentle, a new revised edition, created specifically for sensitive skin, but effective for everyone. The application is super fast and easy, just the way we like it, actually. We advise you to apply an amount of product in a cotton pad and let it work first on the eyes for 15 seconds, after which make a downward…

Goodbye Panda Eye

Since Culture & Trend has become an online magazine, the content and the topics covered have expanded. And one of the top topics that a fashion magazine needs to address are the editorials, and is up to us to better organize the all the content for you.ย  But behind the scenes of a fashion editorial, besides the clothes, another thing is essential: the makeup. In a photo set, in many cases, the beauty changes at least 3 times, or even more. And when it ends, beyond being tired, the only desire is to take a shower to remove any residue of the day, and is often in the shower that we take the opportunity to remove makeup using anything we find: even shampoo! Yes, I bet that you’ve used it in this improper manner at least once … All of you know very well what most often happens when we…