Michael Kors Sexy Sunset

The sunset is one of the most beautiful events that nature offers for us. And be able to watch it is always magical, like if it was the first time. It was a shining radiant sunset that inspired Michael Kors for the creation of his new fragrance. Sexy Sunset as it is called the  Eau Parfum, conveys the warmth and security that seduces, factors that represents the MK woman.  Notes that make this unique scent are the fusion of flowers, such as peony, gardenia, magnolia and jasmine. But the sunset is also present in the bottle of fragrance, where the gold is mixed with a soft pink, just as when the sun is almost saying goodbye, giving way to Twilight. So summer is getting closer, and what will be the scent of the season in your opinion?   IT- Il tramonto è uno degli eventi più belli che la natura…