Men, what would be your skin care routine?

Men on duty, this article is  exclusively dedicated to you! We talk a lot of skin and body care that we women should have, but what about men’s? What are the precautions that must be taken into account? Culture & Trend has brought 3 precious butts for you: Uomini in servizio, questo articolo è dedicato esclusivamente a voi! Si parla un sacco di cura della pelle e del corpo che noi donne dovremmo avere, ma per quanto riguarda gli uomini? Quali sono le precauzioni che devono tenere conto? Culture &Trend ha portato 3 preziose cicche per voi: Wash your face: The gesture that everyone does in the morning, but why is it so important? To fight against the blacks points, pallor and prepare the skin for shaving (if applicable). The ideal is to thoroughly wash your face with warm water using a specific product, for example, if your skin is oily it is appropriate…