rajan tolomei


Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Who is a fan of Star Wars? Just over a month ago, the seventh film of the series was released: Star Wars – The Force Awakens. More than 3 million people have seen the film, which deserves to be watched literally, even by those who are not fanatical to the saga. And speaking of Star Wars, a few days before the premiere of the highly anticipated movie, Culture & Trend team had the amazing opportunity to go to the Disney’s office in Italy for an unforgettable and unique experience, accompanied by the makeup brand Max Factor. The reason for this special event, was to give us an experience of makeup inspired by Star Wars, with the help of the famous makeup artist Rajan Tolomei. Were explored two different moods: the dark side and the light side We started with the light side, it was obviously something lighter and less loaded…