Scotch & Soda


White is a State of Mind

EN- White is my favorite color, at first I thought it was just a phase, because sometimes we have those moments when we like just one color …. but then I started to see that I almost always gave preference to wear clothes of that color. I know that white is not a color that pleases everyone, especially the white pants … a lot of girls can not even see them. But I, I have different pants, shirts, shorts, jackets of this color, and I can always easily create combinations that I love. Today I will show you an Outfit wearing with two pieces that I’m using a lot lately: white jeans and maxi blue and white cardigan. The two together have created a perfect harmony, and accessories like the bag from Baginc and the belt highlighting the waist, added a more elegant touch to the Outfit. Take a look:…

Vintage Striped Pants

EN- The stripes arrived a few seasons ago, and since then has earned its place as a trend. Besides being a very classic print, is easy to create multiple combinations. Before the most popular were the stripes in Black & White, but today the variety has increased a lot! They appear colorful and with various thicknesses. And as personal taste, I prefer more colorful stripes …. fleeing a bit of tue usual black and white. Lately, I identified myself with a brand called Scotch & Soda. I love the Mood of the brand, style and patterns worked in clothes. And as I began speaking of stripes in this article, today I am wearing vintage striped pants from the brand, with a fine vintage… in the beginning I confess that I was in doubt, because I had never used a piece of this kind, but when I wore, I did not…