SHE-Y by Menaye

We always talk about how important it is to care of skin and body. We love to find new products that are good for us and advise it for you. Recently, we bumped into the exclusive line of products for the body called SHE-Y, whose founder is Menaye Donko. The line is still very new in the market and began its mission in the beauty world with two must-have: SHE-Y BODY CREAM & SHE-Y BODY SCRUB. The special feature of these products is the large amount of shea butter, which brings a huge benefit to the skin. The vitamins of shea butter, which comes from the north of Ghana, are very beneficial for the skin. It increases the production of collagen, hydrates the skin and prevents premature aging. The vegetable fats increase cell regeneration, while the cinnamic acid protects the skin from the sun. In addition, the regular use improves…