Spring – Summer By Kocca

Last week we showed you the backstage of the Kocca fashion show of spring/summer 2016. Now let’s talk a little about the collection, which follows a modern and contemporary style, where the silhouettes are divided into four themes: Soft Pop, eco active, wanderer and post modern. The Kocca girl is a time and style traveler, which initially follows the silhouette of the 50s with reference of the sporty, reaching the romance of the years 60/70, with clean and modern cuts and matching the other pieces with a soft and minimal cutting. But the Kocca women is also free and a dreamer, a nomad of the 70′, which mixes exotic clothes with other ones from the seventies style. Bohemian elements for a modern and sophisticated, where the folk, rock and hippie are also present. The color palette has as protagonists the natural colors or warm colors like yellow and papaya, but…