For Japanese Food Lovers: Sushi B

Today the subject we brought is appetizing and will leave you with mouth watering as this is a special gourmet tip! For those who are planning to visit Milan, or even for those who live here and are looking for a new restaurant to meet, we have brought us an excellent one for you! This is the Japanese restaurant called Sushi B, located in the heart of Brera, one of the most beautiful areas of Milan. The restaurant is characterized by an elegant and relaxing atmosphere that involves fusion cuisine that combines Japanese tradition with the best European and Mediterranean flavors. Whether for lunch, a drink or for dinner, one can enjoy a nice view of a vertical garden, special carcateristic that offers harmony to the place. The dishes are delicious, and the drinks are also great, besides, the menu is wide of options even for vegetarians. So, two weeks…

Sushi Party

Fashion is a huge universe, there are so many trends, many innovations that sometimes we get lost in the midst of all this. But who is in love with the world of fashion, knows that the best thing is to have fun and play with it. Who remembers when Carrie Bradshaw has walked through the streets of New York with her elegant and amazing clothes, and her closet which became desire for most of the women who accompanied the film? And it is exactly this that Carrie did (very well indeed), had fun, played the game of fashion, creating several wonderful productions to look at and imagine ourselves wearing them. Culture & Trend has made an editorial that is that represents this proposal, to have fun with fashion, complimenting ourselves with this world, fall in love without fear. Of course, the brand that best represents this concept is Ultràchic Milano,…