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This summer I explored a bit more of Italy, and I got to know better this country so rich in culture and beauty, full of surreal places. I left Milan, arriving in Rome and from there I went to the small and magical island of Pantelleria, one of the most exclusive holiday places of the Mediterranean. Pantelleria is a “black mark” in the sea between Sicily and Tunisia, also known as the “black pearl of the Mediterranean”. It is an island of volcanic origin, and is therefore characterized by rocky coves that make it more feature and offer wonderful volcanic landscapes. These features make the island a little bit hard to visit, but maybe even more fascinating, reasons that perhaps push the famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani, to elect Pantelleria as his place of summer residence. The local population, in contrast to what one might think, is not made up…


Go travel! This is perhaps the best advice anyone can give you, there is a giant world that is waiting for you out there. Get your savings and go. If your dreams are just thoughts, you have to make them real, you have to create goals and put them into practice. Traveling is a film that does not have a default plot, it’s all improvised, and you can create your own script. So, go, walk, run, swim, scale mountains. Get flights, boats and maybe a ride. Explore as much as possible, even if the lands have already been explored. Turn the map upside down, turn around every corner you can, enter in all the new places that you bump in. Discover! Traveling is a moment of your own, where you can write a whole book of  YOURSELF! If you start to experience something you’ve already lived before, do not worry.…