Life Coaching afternoon with Triumph

Being well dressed is a concept that goes far beyond clothes, shoes and bags. We must not forget the underwear or lingerie, that almost no one sees it, but we women take it as a serious thing, could be for a special event, or a tight dress or even for our daily lives. And it is often difficult to find the ideal, mainly bra! But fortunately we managed to find the right one, that does not bother, even seems not to wear it, all thanks to the perfect fitting of Triumph, that every time helped us to find our ideal model of underwear. Besides having seen up close the new line of the collection “Magic Wire”, we still had a lesson in “Life Coaching”. Those of you already know this service? Life coaching helps us to discover the best of ourselves, to live life and to look at it with…

Find The One

EN- Who follow us in our social networks (especially Instagram), saw that a few days ago, we were transformed into two Disney princesses. But do you know the real reason? We’ll tell you! Triumph, the lingerie brand, has launched its new campaign: #findtheone. We women seek the true prince for our lives … but Triumph has gone beyond the ordinary prince. Those of you who have ever found the perfect bra? That one that fit your body perfectly, without bothering, with comfort and that leaves our sillhouette impeccable. Thinking about that, Triumph is still in the mission to help as many women as possible to find the right and perfect bra! For the event, we had the opportunity to choose the fairytale ย that we like most (either now or when we were still children). And based on this, we chose the lingerie that represented our history. Me Juliane, I’ve been…