Ultra Dolce Corpo


Ultra Dolce Corpo

EN- Do you remember the post we did last week, in which we told you about the event of the new Ultra Dolce Corpo by Garnier? Well, today, as promised, we will tell you which of the three lines we like the most. The “body care” has three lines of different products, to answer the needs of all skin types. The first, “Oli Meravigliosi”, combines two powerful oils in the formula: the argan (nourishing power) the camellia oil (shine and softness). The line is for normal to dry skin. The second, “Tesori di Miele”, brings together the three treasures of the beehive: royal jelly, propolis and honey, a formula rich in nutrients made for dry or very dry skin, because repairs, nourishes and protects. And last, but not least, and also our favorite: Oliva Mitica, which nourishes and protects dry skin. Both me and my sister, we have dry skin…

Evento Garnier ” Ultra Dolce Corpo”

EN- Last week we were present in a very cool event, in the heart of Milan, in an amazing place! Garnier Italy has organized an evening full of novelties to present its new body care line. The evening began with the theoretical presentation of the line and its market strategies. Soon after, in the magical garden of the Bistrot Al Fresco, we have begun a multi-sensory way. But what would it be? Even for us it was a novelty, because the new line “Ultra Dolce Corpo,” the scent and taste walks together! Do you know how? Each line was combined with the main ingredient of his formula (that is, next to the line “Tesori di miele” there was a chance to taste the true flavor of honey on bread). This idea of ​​uniting the smells and flavors, was very innovative, and we love it, but the cool thing is that…