When inside a box there are three different but complementary worlds. The food, the music and makeup. This is what it comes with the new #BloggerWinterBox of BloggerItalia which arrived a few days ago to Culture & Trend. Each object brings the history of four different brands. Read on to find out: Let’s start with the “food”, more precisely the chocolate. Grande Cioccolato, was born in 2013 with the desire to bring people to rediscover the real taste of handmade chocolate, using only the highest quality materials and always experimenting new blends and flavors like chilli and chocolate. But, as we humans know very well, before tasting something, we eat it first with your eyes, and thinking about it, Grande also takes care of its packaging, in order to create something that goes beyond the taste. IT-  Quando all’interno di una scatola ci sono tre mondi diversi ma complementari. Il…