Xmas outfit


Merry Christmas!!!

Today is Christmas Eve! Moment that many people devote to spend with beloved ones, especially with family. It is time to celebrate and share the joy, love and peace between us. Culture & Trend has chosen for this day, to celebrate this date wearing Desigual. Two outfits entirely signed by the brand (which could be seen in the video posted a few days ago). We celebrate brotherhood (in our case sisterhood) and joy in this editorial made especially for this date that fills us with emotion. The color palette for both was in black and white, timeless combination that reinvents itself each season with new prints, mix with each other and also some overlaps. Each dress represent a bit of our personality, different but complementary. So on this day (and not only) celebrate the joy and love with people you love the most. Now our Xmas By Desigual editorial completely…

Xmas is Here

Christmas spirit prevails in this time of the year. People tend to become more sensitive, and reflect on the year that is about to end. A balancing of all that has happened during the year, professionally and emotionally, gains and losses, mistakes and learning! There are so many feelings that Culture & Trend decided to celebrate friendship in this holiday season. We made an editorial with a friend, Vittoria Ottaviano, both in the holiday spirit by wearing Desigual. Each shows your personality and beauty in a different way, but always complementary. Actually, everything is more beautiful when you have friends around to celebrate and share emotions. IT- Lo spirito del Natale prevale in questo periodo dell’anno. Le persone tendono a diventare più sensibili, e riflettere sull’anno che sta per finire. Fare un bilancio di tutto ciò che è successo durante l’anno, professionalmente ed emotivamente, guadagni e perdite, errori e apprendimenti!…